DURALUX 7 mm is a high quality commercial and residential carpet cushion with a jute back. This carpet cushion is for hotels, office buildings, condos, and private homes. It is strongly recommended to use the Duralux under your high end area rugs.

DURALUX 7 mm offers very high acoustical ratings. On an 8″ concrete slab, the FIIC is 77 with no suspended ceiling.

Features and benefits

  • Greatly reduces impact sound and ambient noise
  • Carpet lasts longer
  • Ensures a luxurious feel
  • Guaranteed to work with radiant heated floors
  • Does not collapse over time therefore retains its acoustical value
  • Lays flat and does not move during installation
  • Resists mold, mildew and fungus growth
  • Excellent carpet cushion for under your area rugs