DURA-SON-MB® for radiant heated floors

Test results

Acoustic tests from different companies compared Dura-Son 3.5mm (1/8”) with other acoustical membranes. All tests came out positive for Dura-Son 3.5 (1/8”). Products were tested in a bedroom under a 15mm engineered hardwood floor, installed over a 9” concrete slab.

The result: Dura-Don 3.5mm (1/8”) obtained the highest FIIC rating of them all with an FIIC 69 while all the other products obtained FIIC ratings of 61-63.

FIIC is a measure of impact sound transmission from one floor to another. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) recommends an FIIC of 55. A higher FIIC rating means better sound absorption.

15mm Engineered Hardwood
Dura-Son 3.5mm
Frothed urethane 2mm FIICASTM 63
Hard rubber 5mm FIICASTM 63
Cork 5mm FIICASTM 62
Felt product 5mm FIICASTM 61
Reinforced concrete slab 9 in. (230mm)
Bare slab

Many competitors only measure IIC ratings in a lab and not in the field  (FIIC). It has been found that ratings in labs are usually higher than FIIC ratings since they are measured in an ideal environment or assembly. At Dura, we prefer to have as many field / jobsite tests as possible to be able to offer our customers a more reliable result.

7.5 inch slab test results
8 inch slab test resultsJune 16, 2010 test

Please contact Dura for additional tests done in the field at info@dura-undercushions.com